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BP_CONNECTION Struct Reference

#include <bp_wrapper.h>

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Detailed Description

A structure defined by the Wrapper API for managing a connection.

The code that manages the BP_CONNECTION structure is called the wrapper. Its responsibilities include mapping of channel numbers to profile-instances, mapping of URIs to profile registrations, and invoking profiles at the appropriate time as messages arrive on the socket. It also manages input/output threads, profile threads, and locks to prevent conflicts. It manages tuning resets and graceful termination of sessions and controls. Finally, the wrapper indirectly manages any information that is inter-channel in nature, such as the SASL identity, the TLS encryption keys, and any other information a profile might wish to make available to other profiles.


mode Either "plaintext" or "encrypted"

status The connection's current status, one of:

channel_instance A pointer to the channels known (started or being started) on this connection.

user_ptr A user-defined pointer.

Definition at line 107 of file bp_wrapper.h.

Public Attributes

bp_slist * channel_instance
char * mode
char role
char status
void * user_ptr

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